Tips for a Great (and speedy) Car Buying Experience
1.Make an appointment if you can. That way we can have a Sales Consultant ready to help you as soon as you arrive. Just call 1-800-917-6241 or click here.
2.If you plan on financing with us (we have over 20 different lenders and in most cases can get you the best interest rate), fill out your credit application here. That way we can go to work on it right away.
3.Documents to bring with you:
-If you are trading your vehicle, bring the title to your trade-in (with a lien release if applicable). If you have a balance owed, contact your lender and ask for a “25 day payoff”.
-Proof of residence such as an electric bill, phone bill etc. that has your name on it that matches your current address (dated within the last 30 days).
-Proof of Income such as your W2 form, tax returns, current pay check stub, etc.
-If you are self employed, bring at least two years of tax returns including your schedule C’s. Also bring three months of bank statements.
4. Our goal is to help you make the right vehicle selection, educate you on all its features, complete the needed paperwork, and get you on the road as quickly as possible.